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Lead Artist Charles T Bostic
Concept Book: Years In The Making

"It’s startin’ to pay off," says lead artist Charles Bostic. With Dominion Publishing Enterprises release of Brooklyn Bred Da’ Ravenous Redd 92pg Concept Book. It has been a long road but I’m proud of my upcoming project 36pg comic book; Ravenous Redd: It’s Not Where Ya’ From Its Where Ya At” due out October 2012, Darkside Chronicles East Studios’ Brooklyn fairy tale. The concept book has one purpose; to provide a taste of the decades-in-the-making miniseries that combines urban flavor and deep mythology. Inside is a combination of concept art, character studies and deleted scenes from the original unfulfilled production. You will see how Charles Bostic has evolved the character and his own art over the years like an archeologist studying an ancient motif. Please view our online preview and you’ll be sure to be waiting up like you were expecting your mother to read a bedtime story.

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Behind-The-Scences of Ravenous Redd. Bostic, "It's not amazing backgrounds, or a surreal plot, its' getting' the hair right is the key to this character", says the creator of Dominion Publishing newest hero Ravenous Redd. Thunder-Kind On Sale Now. Enjoy the story of Thunderkind off-line at your convenience with Thunderkind: When Pig Fly by Alexander Glass, former Assistant. Editor at Valiant Comics. He has also written for Magic: The Gathering comics and Silent Screamers. 2013 Armor Michelle Straight from the pages of Fusion Anthology comes Armor Michelle our Villain, currently in development the steel skin villain tale of destruction will sure not only tug on the heart but punch a hole through the chest.
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