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Dominion Publishing Enterprises... a comic book publishing company, offering writing, production, and creative direction! Dominion Publishing also presents exclusive characters that will tug at your heart, such as Ravenous Redd (dimensional guardian), Armor Michelle (villain), and Lady Istra Shakti (pure destruction). We proudly feature the N-Case, a soon to be renowned vision and a timeless art and talent.


As Dominion Publishing moves into the future of the comic publishing industry, our vision is a new paradigm in graphic storytelling, taking the traditional science fiction / fantasy novel, and combining them with the graphic storytelling of the future.

About Us

Your dream awaits.


To us, artistic integrity is not an obstacle, but a starting point. Creation is not a job -- it's a joy. That's why Dominion Enterprises has taken matters into our own hands. We have assembled a group of talented individuals dedicated to changing the face of illustrated entertainment for the better. Car companies talk about "cab forward" design, thinking of the driver first. We believe in designing around the reader first. If we imbue our work with our deeply felt passion, the reader will know and appreciate it. With the launch of Dominion Enterprises Publishing, we invite you to journey into our world with stories that move and challenge your mind and spirit. We are all joined together under not just the banner of the company itself but also an underlying vision. Not in a cheap gimmick designed to lift sales but rather a grand strategy, known also as a good story. Involving perspective and scope, as well as the classics, common sense and profitable marketability. You'll get a first hand look at some of our greatest heroes and even see through the eyes of some of our most evil villains. Choose sides, pick favorites and best of all, prepare to actually be entertained for a change.


Prepare to Be Loyal.

R to L; Alex Glass, Jeffery Neary, Thomas, James Quirindongo, Hassan Godwin, Charles T Bostic III

James Quirindongo and Jeffery Neary

Charles T.
Bostic III

Formerly with Valiant Comics, Alex has brought his complete set of skills, plotting, scripting, penciling, inking, lettering and coloring to his fourth year as the Creator of the webcomic, Thunderkind. In the physical world, he has also produced two graphic novels and an ashcan for the same property. In more mundane settings, he has experience as an editor, proofreader and office manager.

Skilled graphic designer, Imagery Illustrator, and Fearless business man; Charles T. Bostic III leads his band of harden warriors into the great field of comic book industry. Creator of Ravenous Redd and well as many of other Dominion Publishing Enterprises titles, he stands as Dominion’s sentinel.

Through both coursework and personal study, Jeffrey Neary has analyzed the components of storytelling in an effort to become a master in this field.  In his professional life, Jeffrey has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Information Sciences, which has led to over a decade of IT experience.

He hails from Brooklyn the planet with many stories can be told. Skilled in many different venues but his preferred is his talent is 3d modeling. His company Jester Works Asylum is Dominion Publishing’s go to Gaming Studio. Much lie to await his wake, as his first mark on this world will draw equal parts of adoration and fear to the battlefield.





Owner &
Creative Director

House of Fang, Editor N-Chief


Lead Designer/ Producer

Alexander Glass

Jeffery Neary



Dominion's Delegation

Reserved for the finest of creative minds, let Dominion’s Fellowship inspire you.


Check out our comrades’ sites, wares, creations, genius … and if you want to join our brethren and showcase your talents on this page, contact us by clicking here.



© 2005-2021 All characters are a copyrights of Dominion Publishing Enterprises